About Us

The Scouts and leaders of Troop 200 are proud of the troop and our 30 years of accomplishments. The troop's goal and mission is to work with young men so they will become proud, productive members of our society. They will have fun as they learn. We at Troop 200 believe a boy must grow and develop in a positive environment, and we feel Scouting encourages his accomplishments and praises his goals and achievements. We feel a boy comes to us in the early stage of complete dependency and emerges as a self-dependent young man. We are part of the largest uniformed, volunteer organization in the world-- the Boy Scouts. Scouting is a team effort: Scouts, parents, and adult leaders. Troop 200 strives to provide an environment in which the Scout can become physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. With parental assistance, the troop can make this goal a reality at the same time the Scout is having fun. Troop meetings are every Tuesday night at 7:00PM at Nixa Christian Church.

Boy Led, Boy Run

 "Never do anything for a boy that he can do for himself." ~ Baden-Powell

Troop 200 prides itself on being a boy lead, boy run unit. The skills and experiences of leadership are carefully crafted under the guidance of qualified adult leaders. The leadership youth of the troop are given every opportunity to succeed, and to learn positively from mistakes. Our youth leadership begins with the Patrol Leader of each new patrol formed in the troop, and continues through all levels. The youth in the troop are fully supported by a corps of highly trained adults; from the introductory basics for unit positions to Wood Badge. Our individual and group training is a life-long commitment from both the adults and the youth of the Troop.

The Patrol Method

 "The Patrol Method is not just a method, it is the only method." ~ Baden-Powell

The Patrol is a group of Scouts similar in age, development, and interests. The patrol method allows Scouts to interact in a small group outside the larger troop, working as a team and sharing the responsibility of making their patrol a success. A patrol takes pride in its identity, and the members strive to make their patrol the best it can be. Patrols sometimes join with other patrols to learn skills and complete advancement requirements. At other times they will compete against those same patrols in Scout skills and athletic competitions. The members of each patrol elect one of their own to serve as patrol leader. The troop determines the requirements for patrol leaders, such as rank and age. To give more Scouts the opportunity to lead, Troop 200 elects patrol leaders twice a year. The newest patrols will have elections more often. Patrols in Troop 200 have a full compliment of equipment: chuck boxes, tents, lanterns, and stoves to help them in their outdoor experiences.

Facts About Troop 200

The troop has been chartered since 1982 and has achieved the Quality Unit Award for several years successively. Currently there are approximately 80 +/- registered Scouts. Our commitment is to help young men achieve the rank of First Class Scout. Troop 200 is also committed to helping those Scouts who have the desire to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. We currently have several active Eagle Scouts in our troop. The troop participates in community service, and conservation projects throughout the year. Troop 200 attends Summer Camp annually and has a year-round outdoor program. Recent high adventure opportunities have included kayaking in the Apostle Islands National Park, backpacking at Philmont Ranch, Grand Teton National Park trek, Sea Base Out Island Adventure, and canoeing the boundary waters at Northern Tier. Plans for 2014 include an adventure to St. Thomas Island in the Florida Keys sailing for a week, a trek to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico and other once in a lifetime opportunities. Parents are encouraged to participate as adult Committee members, merit badge counselors, or Assistant Scoutmasters. Many of the adult and youth leaders also work with the Pathfinder District and Ozark Trails Council in various leadership positions and activities, such as Wood Badge and University of Scouting. In addition to the camping and outdoor program, Troop 200 also encourages membership and active participation in Order of the Arrow and Tribe of Lone Bear.

Chartered Organization

Our chartered organization is Nixa Christian Church located at 400 Northview Road. The church has and continues to support the troop and our activities. Their membership is supportive of our troop and the Boy Scouts of America.